A Gift of Kindness

A Gift of Kindness

The simple joy of a flower can be appreciated by people of all ages. The elderly and persons with dementia are no exception. My mother had dementia in her later years. She had the most gentle spirit and touch. Even when she was not able to verbally express herself, she was still so appreciative of the beauty of flowers, reaching for them with the most incredible smile. I believe the art of giving is the most meaningful when it brings joy, even for the briefest moment. This linocut speaks to the simplicity and tenderness of giving the gift a flower to a person with dementia. The hands are gently reaching with curiosity and love.

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Dianne Mercredi

Dianne Mercredi is a graduate of the Red Deer College School of Fine Arts who continues to explore artistic work in oils, acrylics, monotypes and linocuts. She often includes elements of nature in the themes, and finds deep enjoyment in expressing her understanding of the sacred in her work. Dianne participates in the Art in Healing program, teaching art to promote growth and healing.

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