The Legend of the Caribou Boy

The Legend of the Caribou Boy

This is a story about how animals give themselves to us.

Based on a legend told by John Blondin in 1993, as told by his father George Blondin. The story is reprinted with permission from the book : The Legend of the Caribou Boy, George Blondin, Theytus Books, 2007. In collaboration with Yellowknife Catholic Schools. Illustration by Ray McSwain. Translated by Mary Rose Sundberg.

When I was a young man, before TV and everything young people have today, our only source of entertainment was to sit around campfires and listen to our grandparents tell stories. During the day, we all worked hard in order to survive and listened to stories in the evening. We did not go trapping and hunting on weekends, we did this for the whole year. This is how we lived. This is how we survived till today. The modern way we live today is totally different.

My grandparents told me many stories that I was supposed to transfer to my children and as many people as possible. Many of my stories are a history of my people and our culture. I have told many stories in my travels but people today are very distracted by everyday business. My fear was that our stories would be lost in the future. The only way to preserve our stories is to put it in writing so people and school children can read them when they want in the future.

I dedicate this book to the future of the Dene and encourage everyone to read these stories to better understand our culture and visualize how hard life were for the Dene in the past. Remember these stories and tell them to h children. I thank you all for the interest you have shown and doing this for me.

Masi Cho
George Blondin