This project would not have been possible without the financial and creative support of a long list of givers. All shared their time and talents, some bore gifts of money, and most took very little of it for all the creative efforts
they put into it.

Funding Partners

Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment,
            Government of the Northwest Territories
Dominion Diamond Ekati Corporation
National Film Board of Canada
NWT Arts Council
Public Service Alliance of Canada Social Justice Fund &
            the Union of Northern Workers

Creative Partners and Supporters

Joe Acorn
Adam Dental Clinic
Alternatives North
Amnesty International
Paul Andrew
Christine Armstrong
Aurora College
Lydia Bardak
Sheila Bassi-Kellett
Bella Academy
Diane Boudreau
Carmen Braden
Esther Braden
Pat Braden
Dave Brosha
Centre for Northern Families
David Christensen
Shane Clarke
Chekoa Youth Hand Games
Coast Guard Auxiliary
Miranda Currie
Day Shelter
Katy Dillon
Alison Doak
Christa Domchek
Hannah Downes
Bobby Drygeese
Mary Louise Drygeese
Ecology North
Lynn Elkin
Miki Ehrlich
Vee Faria
Lynn Feasey
Jennifer Fischlin
Food Rescue
Sylvie Francoeur
Joyce Gilchrist
Joanna Grant
Julie Green
Matthew Grogono
Lorne Gushue
Barb Hall
Mira Hall
Heather Hayne
Help Line
Marg Henderson
Lorraine Hewlett
James Hodson
Jeff Hipfner
Susan Hoefer
Helen Hoeve
Dr Courtney Howard
Susan Huvenaars
Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox
Jenkins Family
John Howard Society
Ingrid Kabanga
Dave Kellett
Astrid Kruse
Caitlin Lacey
Dawn Lacey
Dianne Lafferty
Shawna Lampi-Legaree
Cathy Landry
Nick Landry
Gabriella Lappano
Brian Latham
Elly Lecorre
Yves Lécuyer
Sandy Little
Dave Lovell
Nancy MacNeill
Ryan McCord
Alison McCreesh
Janice McKenna
Dianne Mercredi
Rosalind Mercredi
Gary Milligan
Raine Mingo
Suzette Montreuil
Kirsten Murphy
Native Women Association
Todd Parsons
Teresa Patzer
Darha Philpott
Ptarmigan Ptheatrics
Eli Purchase
Radiance M-bodied
Jeff Renaud
Doug Ritchie
Tomiko Robson
Rory the Dog
Calvin Rossouw
Francois Rossouw
Levi Rossouw
Salvation Army
Pablo Saravanja
Laurie Sarkadi
Kris Schlagintweit
Side Door Youth Centre
Snowking Castle
St. John Ambulance
Stanton Territorial Hospital
Joanne Stassen
Ethan Naze Sundberg
Mary Rose Sundberg
Dave Taylor
Vanessa Temple
Territorial Dementia Facility
Theytus Books
Craig Thomas
Bonnie Thompson
Madison Thompson
Miranda Thompson
Maureen Tonge
Anke Tuininga
Urban Art Studio
Stacey Van Metre
Christina Vernon
Kate Wilson
Drew Wolfe
Trevor Wood
Terry Woolf
Yellowknife Catholic Schools
Yellowknife Fire Department
Yellowknife Food Bank
Yellowknife Garden Collective
Yellowknife Public Library