Setting the Tracks

Setting the Tracks

All winter long, approximately once every two weeks - depending on snowfall, weather, and temperature – a man takes the time to set cross-country ski tracks across Yellowknife Bay and into the woods. To do this, he clears the snow from his snow machine and hooks up the track setter, leaving a deep set of grooves in his wake. Many of the users of the trails, Yellowknifers from Old Town and beyond, and their dogs, don’t know who sets the tracks. But I do. As a grateful cross-country skier, I wanted to illustrate this selfless act of giving that allows people to enjoy the wonders of a frozen winter.

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Alison McCreesh

In 2009, after graduating from the University of Québec in Chicoutimi with an Interdisciplinary Degree in Fine Arts, Alison headed up North to spend the summer. Four years later, she's still there and happily calls Yellowknife home. Alison’s work reflects the quirks, humour and particularities of living North of 60. She prides herself in showing a different side to that promoted in the tourism brochures.

Kirsten Murphy Photo