Sit With Me

Sit With Me

Etsula, or Dene love songs, are what Paul Andrew listened to when he was growing up on the land across from Tulita. Paul wrote Sit with Me to honour those who have given him so much through the years.

Paul Andrew

Paul Andrew grew up on the land in the Mackenzie Mountains across from Tulita, and spent seven years in residential school. These days, Paul composes and performs songs in his first language: Mountain Dene, part of the North Slavey language. He visits the Mackenzie Mountains regularly to never forget etsula. He has been a past Chief of Tulita, Vice President of Dene Nation, and recently retired from CBC North. He lives in Yellowknife.

Pablo Saravanja and Joanna Grant

We grew up listening to the sound of Paul Andrew's strong voice on the CBC. He gave us the news and views from around the North, and we gave him our attention. The song and story we present are all about friendship and supporting each other. These themes resonate deeply with us as filmmakers because the nature of our creative work is collaborative by definition. We want to thank Paul for the gift of this song.

Joanna Grant

Born and raised in Yellowknife, Joanna is a true northern filmmaker who is inspired by the unique people and rich landscape found just outside her backyard. After graduating from Vancouver Film School in 2010, Joanna came back to work in film and share her passion for filmmaking by participating in many of Western Arctic Moving Picture’s (WAMP) programs and events. She currently works in the Yellowknife film industry as a freelance video editor and videographer.

Pablo Saravanja

Pablo is a multimedia artist working to tell visually compelling stories. An award-winning photo-filmmaker, Pablo offers a fresh documentary style. Passionate about developing a healthy, art-filled North with a thriving film and television scene, Pablo is an active volunteer and youth mentor in the arts community, former President of WAMP, and co-founder of Cinema Politica YK and the NWT Professional Media Association.